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black widow spiders

female black widow spiders are known to sometimes eat their mate "honey what are you doing" most of the males don't know this when they start dating

*edit* people have been asking about t-shirts: i’ve made a few prototypes, they’ll be up for sale after i organise a couple of my friends to model them for me, which should be in the next few days

a comic about a man who burns things

i’ve been drawing like a child a lot lately, it’s nice. here’s a comic:

a series of short stories

i’ve been busy a lot lately. here are some sketches i’ve done when i’ve had the chance to:

hey look behind you, there's a distraction! also the picture says 'don't screw up now'

stay goofy


"terry stabs a cube". it is a heart wrenching story of love, loss, and stabbing cubes

a giraffe, nothing more, nothing less.

godzilla and chicken butts

renditions of films i have never seen, episode one: godzilla

in other news, i got a new chicken today. here is a picture of her butt, and my older chicken marmaduke’s butt is in the background:

she is temporarily called ‘chilli’ until we think of a name that isn’t so sucky.

drawing board

for the last few days, i’ve been working on a top secret project, which is now going to be an extra part of zappa blamma dot com. i really like it. hopefully you guys do too.

i set up a little program so that i can draw and sketch things, and when i’m finished it remembers all the pen strokes i’ve made and saves them. then it publishes it onto a special part of the site and rebuilds them exactly how i created it in the first place, so it looks like an invisible person is drawing it. it shows the most recently made sketch first and goes backwards, drawing the older ones below the newer ones, so it ends up being like a newsfeed but with pictures.

it’s hard to explain with words, so go have a look at it. i’ll be updating it regularly. at the moment it’s only got about 10 pictures.

the buttons on the right control how fast it’s going, regular speed is about 3 or 4 times faster than i actually drew it, and fast forwarding is about 20 times faster.

note: if you are using internet explorer, you won’t be able to see anything. internet explorer is a horrible browser that is very hard to make anything work in, so if you want to see it try using google chrome or firefox instead.

anyway, here’s one of the sketches it shows being drawn:

(because this is still a work in progress, there might be some issues going on with it. if anything odd is happening, like you can only see one picture or it crashes etc, if you commented saying what happened and what browser you’re using that would be really helpful)

(but it probably will work perfectly)

don’t mind that

"don't mind that, he just used to bully me in high school". that is what the first bald white man said to the other bald white man. it's about a human head (used, slight wear and tear). i like writing these alternate texts because no one reads them


i watched this lego animation focusing on colour today and i appreciated it.

i’m ready

its a yogurt or yoghurt or however you spell it it's one of those in a pot saying "i'm ready" to a spoon. i'm not sure if it's funny or even if it makes sense but guess what i'm going to risk it i hope you like it.

interpret how you will.


i’m not sure how many people like maths but the other day i read this quite interesting paper about minesweeper and using it to makes logic gates, which is pretty cool. you should read it.

hourly comics day

just a regular day in class

it was a childish day.

self esteem

please put me down this is terrible for my self esteem

today’s lesson: don’t draw boxes before you draw the picture because your palm will smudge the bottom corner.

i made two versions of this that i almost couldn’t decide between. click here to see the other version.

all day he dreams of cubes

i made this after attempting to screen print. turns out screen printing is harder than i thought.

the screen printing is because a lot of people have asked for t-shirts, so i’ve given into their quite reasonable demands. the design i’m thinking of at the moment is this:

which is loosely based on one of the dinosaur stereotypes that i drew a while ago.

EDIT: someone just asked me “is spissing a word?”, which filled me with fear. the word’s meant to be ‘spiffing’, i just do my f’s a little oddly. what word does it look like? this is kinda very important to me, i don’t want to make t-shirts with people seeing the wrong word on it.

also: january is a busy month for me so i’m sorry if things slow down.

also also: i hope 2010 was friendly to you.