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for the last few days, i’ve been working on a top secret project, which is now going to be an extra part of zappa blamma dot com. i really like it. hopefully you guys do too.

i set up a little program so that i can draw and sketch things, and when i’m finished it remembers all the pen strokes i’ve made and saves them. then it publishes it onto a special part of the site and rebuilds them exactly how i created it in the first place, so it looks like an invisible person is drawing it. it shows the most recently made sketch first and goes backwards, drawing the older ones below the newer ones, so it ends up being like a newsfeed but with pictures.

it’s hard to explain with words, so go have a look at it. i’ll be updating it regularly. at the moment it’s only got about 10 pictures.

the buttons on the right control how fast it’s going, regular speed is about 3 or 4 times faster than i actually drew it, and fast forwarding is about 20 times faster.

note: if you are using internet explorer, you won’t be able to see anything. internet explorer is a horrible browser that is very hard to make anything work in, so if you want to see it try using google chrome or firefox instead.

anyway, here’s one of the sketches it shows being drawn:

(because this is still a work in progress, there might be some issues going on with it. if anything odd is happening, like you can only see one picture or it crashes etc, if you commented saying what happened and what browser you’re using that would be really helpful)

(but it probably will work perfectly)


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