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i haven’t made a post here for 5 years. thats scary. i think most of you left. if you haven’t, why have you been refreshing the same webpage for 5 years

i have made a couple of video games!! how cool wow great great great

they are both free and you can play them right in your browser (but only on computers – not really designed for phones)

here they are:

number one: TWO PLAYER

it’s a short (5 minutes ish???) single player video game about playing a video with your friend. it’s got multiple endings. i made the entire thing in about a week for the game jam 7DFPS

two player screenshot


go play it!!!!!!!!!

ok onto game number two:


it’s a puzzle arcade game where you push blocks around and navigate through a maze. it’s fun!! i made it in 2 days for the ludum dare game jam. ‘randomise user’ on youtube did a feature on it :)

here is a video of me playing it:

i’m working on turning it into a phone app. it nearly done, just need to sort out some bits and then submit to the android/iphone stores

there is also a third game i’m working on but that one is bigger and unreleased, but i’ll save that for another time

in other news i think i have gone mad. twitter and other social media has made me incredibly anxious about posting things online because of focus on the number of likes or responses or ‘engagement’ and there’s too many ‘real people’ with ‘real names’ and posting there makes me feel very stressed. i got to thinking about how 7-8 years ago when this blog was properly actually active with lots of people viewing it, i never really felt that here. it was my place and i was in charge and i didn’t feel stressed out if nobody noticed or liked what i was doing. i could draw a dumb picture and put it up here with 0 pressure or expectations or anxiety or comparisons to others. i’m not promising i will keep this place updated because i am bad at that too, but i’m glad i made this realisation, that attempting to post only on social media instead of this blog was/is pointless and made me feel awful all the while. there’s some rubbish pictures on this website that i made when i was an awkward teen but they’re my rubbish pictures and i’m ok with that

ok bye



post ironic dumb shit


ned flanders and some facessm





these are mainly dumb sketches i posted on twitter or tumblr, i tried to scan up some more but my scanner is being crap


horrible comics for terrible people

me and a couple of other people are making a comic full of comics called “attic”. i contributed this page and “bark” from a couple of years ago.

you might have seen these comics from the rss feed or somewhere else weird a couple of month ago — i was trying to do some nerd things with the backend of the blog and i uploaded the draft version of these as test pages. i tried to make them hidden but apparently there were still ways to see them. if you did see them, can you let me know how/where, so that i can fix it?

in other news i’m making a videogame with my friend jack – i’m doing the artwork and some programming, while he’s doing the serious back end programming stuff. i’ll keep ya updated when we’ve got some progress. should be fun!