post ironic dumb shit


ned flanders and some facessm





these are mainly dumb sketches i posted on twitter or tumblr, i tried to scan up some more but my scanner is being crap


horrible comics for terrible people

me and a couple of other people are making a comic full of comics called “attic”. i contributed this page and “bark” from a couple of years ago.

you might have seen these comics from the rss feed or somewhere else weird a couple of month ago — i was trying to do some nerd things with the backend of the blog and i uploaded the draft version of these as test pages. i tried to make them hidden but apparently there were still ways to see them. if you did see them, can you let me know how/where, so that i can fix it?

in other news i’m making a videogame with my friend jack – i’m doing the artwork and some programming, while he’s doing the serious back end programming stuff. i’ll keep ya updated when we’ve got some progress. should be fun!

actual comics

i’ve been doing comics comics for my university’s newspaper as something in the background.

this next one i guess is a shitty homage to kc green, please don’t stab me


i’ve been working on another part of the site, /comics/, which will have longer, bigger comics listed there rather than just on the blog. i’m attempting to move over from sketches and doodles to actual comics. this time last year i made bark and the outcome was pretty satisfying. already listed is a short stupid comic called gregory peck


in the works is another one, which will hopefully be up here soon.