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i made myself a black board, mainly for sketches and notes and maths


also: sketches

those are facts, sir


so i did more wheatpasting.

king of the wool

king of the wool tile. it's a sheep and it's a tile and it's on a wall


i’ve got a bunch of very important exams coming up over the next few weeks, so i have to cut down on fun stuff like painting, which sucks. i’ll update whenever i can.


ben warheit, who i have the utmost respect for, is starting to sell t-shirts, and you should buy one because he deserves your money.


also: i enjoyed this music video by danger beach / oneedo

godzilla and chicken butts

renditions of films i have never seen, episode one: godzilla

in other news, i got a new chicken today. here is a picture of her butt, and my older chicken marmaduke’s butt is in the background:

she is temporarily called ‘chilli’ until we think of a name that isn’t so sucky.


so right ok this monster is kinda blue and he's got wonky teeth and he's saying howdy and he's blue and the background is stripey red. it is a metaphor for racism. nah, i'm kidding it's not really a metaphor. i'm hungry.

hourly comics day

just a regular day in class

it was a childish day.

the leftovers

my computer has keeled over and decided i can’t scan anything anymore, so while i’m giving it surgery to bring it back to life here are other things that aren’t very good:

the last of the january monsters will be up once my computer is.

also, february 1st (this tuesday) is international hourly comics day organised by john cambell from pfsc. i think you should do it, it is nice.

i also came across¬†a blog by a lady called stephanie tillman and i can’t think of anything anyone could ever make that is more perfect than it.

assorted things

my computer is being a complete phallus at the moment, so this is a big update in case it throws a hissy fit and dies. here are things:

(i tried out wheatpasting)



i’m not doing much nice drawing at the moment (those things are relatively old) because i have a bunch of exams which i have to revise a lot for, and when i do have spare time i’ve been working on a long comic. at the moment i’m just storyboarding it, it’ll be a while till it’s done. this is my favourite panel so far:

and finally, the january monsters:

pretend this says 2011. (i am easily confused.) thank you andypants for pointing that out.

all day he dreams of cubes

i made this after attempting to screen print. turns out screen printing is harder than i thought.

the screen printing is because a lot of people have asked for t-shirts, so i’ve given into their quite reasonable demands. the design i’m thinking of at the moment is this:

which is loosely based on one of the dinosaur stereotypes that i drew a while ago.

EDIT: someone just asked me “is spissing a word?”, which filled me with fear. the word’s meant to be ‘spiffing’, i just do my f’s a little oddly. what word does it look like? this is kinda very important to me, i don’t want to make t-shirts with people seeing the wrong word on it.

also: january is a busy month for me so i’m sorry if things slow down.

also also: i hope 2010 was friendly to you.

i’m your biggest fan

everybody loves crayons.