all day he dreams of cubes

i made this after attempting to screen print. turns out screen printing is harder than i thought.

the screen printing is because a lot of people have asked for t-shirts, so i’ve given into their quite reasonable demands. the design i’m thinking of at the moment is this:

which is loosely based on one of the dinosaur stereotypes that i drew a while ago.

EDIT: someone just asked me “is spissing a word?”, which filled me with fear. the word’s meant to be ‘spiffing’, i just do my f’s a little oddly. what word does it look like? this is kinda very important to me, i don’t want to make t-shirts with people seeing the wrong word on it.

also: january is a busy month for me so i’m sorry if things slow down.

also also: i hope 2010 was friendly to you.


10 comments about “all day he dreams of cubes”

  • Kate says:

    The mustache is very, very nice.

  • :) says:

    tis cool :D

  • diane says:

    happy new year to you. love the cube dreamer.

  • Emily says:

    At first glance, I saw “spiffing.” Then I read your edit, and reviewed it and I still saw “spiffing.” So I would take that one comment and file it away “with a grain of salt.” If I could ever hope to afford a printed tee in my lifetime, poor American that I am, I hope to someday buy one of yours. Good luck, love your art!

  • john says:

    thank goodness for that :D

    i’ve actually made the template for the shirt (and a prototype :D ), and i’ll be selling them relatively cheap for a handmade t-shirt (~£7-£10 ish? that’s about $10-$15) and international shipping is surprisingly cheap (less than $6 according to my research). so not that much :D i’ll make a post about it with pictures soon.

  • Andypants says:

    I confess: at FIRST GLANCE my brain filtered away the horizontal lines on the effs and gave me “spissing” as well. If the effs are a tiny bit more parallel to the ayes, or if the whole word is squarely horizontal rather than slightly tilted as it appears in the photo, I think there will be no such problem.

    But I’d buy one regardless–the mustache is beyond charming :)

  • john says:

    i think it’s ok, the final stencil i made the f’s look a lot more f’s, the tails are straighter and descend more, that picture is just a rough draft. the only thing stopping me now is getting more t-shirts to print on.

  • mykela says:

    I saw Spiffing as well. the mustache is great! i definitely want to buy one(:

  • Maggie says:

    I saw spiffing. Have no fear.

  • Plimpton says:

    I saw spiffing as well. Didn’t even realize your f’s were odd until I looked again. But I like the oddness of them.

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