black widow spiders

female black widow spiders are known to sometimes eat their mate "honey what are you doing" most of the males don't know this when they start dating

*edit* people have been asking about t-shirts: i’ve made a few prototypes, they’ll be up for sale after i organise a couple of my friends to model them for me, which should be in the next few days


4 comments about “black widow spiders”

  • sherubii :) says:

    i’ve just noticed that there doesnt appear to be a post about t-shirts… :P

  • Delise Fourie says:

    Yes I want a t-shirt badly… don’t make me send an angry email. :P Also I am company for the one lonely comment. ;)

  • Maggie says:

    Yay t-shirts I can’t wait! I’m getting paid in a few days too so this is incredible news!

  • ZOE says:

    praying mantisssses also do this, but not always… if the bloke can get away first then obvs he doesn’t get eaten

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