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black widow spiders

female black widow spiders are known to sometimes eat their mate "honey what are you doing" most of the males don't know this when they start dating

*edit* people have been asking about t-shirts: i’ve made a few prototypes, they’ll be up for sale after i organise a couple of my friends to model them for me, which should be in the next few days

a purple monster


off to another country on monday. it is 41 degrees celsius there, i am going to return as a warm pile of ash.

oh hell no


i’m doing an experiment at the moment, i’ve added a “buy this original” button at the top of some of the posts (like this one). there’s also a question mark button next to it for details about what’s going on.


i found a webcomic the other day called the gutterpunch confessional which i think is pretty good, you should look at it

the secrets of youth

here is a quick comic i made:


june is going to be a very boring month for me.

respect your physicists

this is a poorly drawn picture of newton and it says 'respect your physicists' underneath

newton is fun to draw

also, i now have more ‘good evening’ posters if you want one (which you do), and i made it a lot easier to buy them. before i had an awkward system of emailing back and forth, now you can directly buy one.

assorted pictures

here are some things that i’ve made but aren’t on the internet yet. they aren’t very good.

cern was really interesting. there was lots of physicists and they were pretty cool.


a surprised tree maybe? who knows

don’t mind that

"don't mind that, he just used to bully me in high school". that is what the first bald white man said to the other bald white man. it's about a human head (used, slight wear and tear). i like writing these alternate texts because no one reads them


i watched this lego animation focusing on colour today and i appreciated it.

a jetpack and a monster

just some guy in a jetpack with a shot gun. no biggie.


sorry about the lack of updates. i’ve been working on multiple projects.

the other day i found this website where a guy turns extracts of his old chat logs into psuedopoems. i liked it. you should read some or all of them.

hamsters are terrible parents

two hamsters talking, one looks kinda fat. the non fat one is saying "did you eat the kids again? you know that shit ain't cool". i thought it was vaguely funny but you're the judge of that, not me. by the way, hello elle, the sole reader of these alt-texts


i’m not sure how i feel about this one but here it is.

also, if i make t-shirts (not of this, just t-shirts in general), how many people would like one? i don’t want to over/under make them.

also also, what are people’s opinions on those ‘facebook like’ buttons that are everywhere?