hey look, posters

*edit* : there are now more prints, go buy one

i liked a picture i did a while ago so i got a bunch of prints of it made, and now if you want you can buy one. i think you should.

the posters are A2, which means they are 16.5 x 23.4 inches (42 x 60 cm) which is pretty big, and printed on nice thick paper. it would look pretty damn awesome on your wall. i’ll sign it too if you want me to.

i’m selling them for £11 (which is $17.76 for you americans) which is way affordable.

(p&p to the uk will be £1.50, to everywhere else it’ll be £2.50 ($4). they’re sent rolled up in a thick cardboard tube).

as these are the first zappa blamma related things ever sold (!), to make it especially awesome i’m making everyone who buys one an individual picture of a monster giving you a compliment, each one hand made and not going to go on the website so it’s just you and me who sees your one. if you buy this you will actually be complimented by a monster and if you don’t want that to happen then you are a crazy person.

click here to buy one

you should get one, it’ll make you happy and me able to afford food, and both of those things are good outcomes


8 comments about “hey look, posters”

  • ZOE says:

    dun kno i want one of these bad boys yeah, but i was more commenting on the fact that you need to TIDY YOUR ROOM BOII

  • Pulpa says:

    Ooh, nice! I’m really hoping for one of these for my birthday. By the way, I think your room is quite lovely. It has personality. The giant ice cream cone is rather neat.

  • SiD says:

    imma get one of these after i finished paying off my debt to turkey. they look sick! plus, thats my birthday card on your wall!! aaaahhh yeeeaaaaah

  • :) says:

    so i really want that massive cornetto… ;P

  • Rayven says:

    I wish I weren’t a broke university student, or I would. :( That poster is badass.

  • Emily says:

    I was thinking of getting one, just to get my own monster. Slap a monster on a t-shirt and I’m all over that…

  • euterpe says:

    Is that a cyanide and happiness book I spy?

  • Tommy lad says:

    That Cornetto at the back of the pic is fucking huge mate!! Also, if ya want, no pressure like, but ‘ave a look at my website, it may or may not be up your alley (it probably isn’t but, worth a go eh!).

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