i made some prints. buying one will make both you and me very happy,
i think you should do it (no pressure).

they cost £11 + P&P (which is £1.50 for the UK, and £2.50 for not the UK),
and include a handmade original small picture/painting of a monster
giving you a compliment as a thank you.

they are 16.5 x 23.4 inches (42 x 60 cm), signed, and printed on thick paper. they are shipped
rolled up in a thick cardboard tube, and take about 2-4 weeks to arrive internationally.

please make sure your paypal address is correct, because
that is where it will be shipped to. (if you don't have a paypal account, don't worry,
just click 'continue shopping' rather than logging in, and you can type in
your details there instead)

(at the time of writing, £11GBP is about $18USD, and the international shipping
is about $4, if that is the currency that appeals to you)

Where to: