the leftovers

my computer has keeled over and decided i can’t scan anything anymore, so while i’m giving it surgery to bring it back to life here are other things that aren’t very good:

the last of the january monsters will be up once my computer is.

also, february 1st (this tuesday) is international hourly comics day organised by john cambell from pfsc. i think you should do it, it is nice.

i also came across¬†a blog by a lady called stephanie tillman and i can’t think of anything anyone could ever make that is more perfect than it.


one lonely comment about “the leftovers”

  • january says:

    I’m slightly disappointed that the January monsters will be leaving because I get all giddy whenever I read “january monsters.” since my name is january and all. alas, that’s time. alright, cheers, and I love your comics.

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