assorted things

my computer is being a complete phallus at the moment, so this is a big update in case it throws a hissy fit and dies. here are things:

(i tried out wheatpasting)



i’m not doing much nice drawing at the moment (those things are relatively old) because i have a bunch of exams which i have to revise a lot for, and when i do have spare time i’ve been working on a long comic. at the moment i’m just storyboarding it, it’ll be a while till it’s done. this is my favourite panel so far:

and finally, the january monsters:

pretend this says 2011. (i am easily confused.) thank you andypants for pointing that out.


7 comments about “assorted things”

  • Jamie says:

    I love Groucho

  • sabrina says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first drawing, the robot is soooo~o cuteee :-D I also like the sneak-preview-comic-panel, I can’t wait to read the whole thing. Good luck for your exams! (I’ts also exam-time for me now…buhu…I don’t want to ;_;)

  • Kate says:

    Love the third monster!

  • Andypants says:

    It pleases me that the one from 2010 also has a retro air.

  • abby says:

    the orange monster made me laugh really hard and then my sister came in and i had to explain why i was laughing so hard and now she loves your blog. (:

  • mel says:

    love the watermelon with the brief case! Also, the last one looks like Domo without the teeth! (and I love it!)

  • Emily says:

    I would like the last monster (Jan. 9) to be in plush form, it looks snuggly. If you cared to give it more edge though, I enjoyed the way you took cuteness to creepy on the other monster (Jan. 6?)

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