monsters, feet, rockets and bread (in that order)

went down to london over the weekend to get my stuff so now i actually have proper art supplies! it is now far easier to slack off from doing work to draw stupid pictures: this is a good thing






i don’t know why but drawing in blue oil pastel is so satisfying.


finger painting

i thought i brought my paint brushes with me to university: apparently i didn’t? every time i sat down to paint stuff, i would end up just riffling through my bag trying to find them and then getting distracted and ending up eating toast, unable to remember how i acquired it

so that’s kinda why i’ve been neglecting zb. but yesterday i really wanted to do stuff so i painted with my fingers instead, which was messy and fun:

also it’s my friend ben’s birthday today, so yay happy birthday

i am sorry!

it’s been 11 days since i updated this, apologies all round

because of the whole “lets go to university to get drunk, eat beans and learn maths” thing, i’ve been kinda busy and so i haven’t unpacked my paints and stuff and haven’t made anything for a while. but! here are some things from my sketchbook. none of them make sense







finally, my favourite one:


another thing about coming to university is that you can’t take everything you own. i left my screen printing stuff at home, so because of this and general lack of time t-shirts and posters are unavailable for now. i might redo posters for christmas, but probably not t-shirts. if you wanted a t-shirt but put off buying one until too late: you have learnt a lesson about procrastination.


i inherited a giant pad of graph paper not too long ago, and it is fun to draw/paint on.

i’ll do some scanning and post stuff that i did today tomorrow (if i still like it by then)


nothing to see here

i’ve been busy lately because all of my friends and me are heading off to different universities soon, so we keep having lots of ‘last’s of things, which are both fun and sad.

anyway, i’ve been sort of working on a zine, which is just fun and not sad. i’m keeping quiet about it ’till it’s fully done though, but here is something rough i made the other day for it which i like:

i’m away for the next few days at bestival, which is hopefully going to be amazing.

the other day i was trawling though my hard drive and i found a very old picture i made several years ago and it made me laugh, it is here.

etc etc

some things from my sketchbooks:

the quality of these didn’t come out too well? i think i messed with the settings on my scanner when scanning old photos and now it looks wrong for pen and paint. i’ll sort it out at some point.



in other news: i got into my university! in about a month i’ll be at the university of warwick meeting people/pretending to learn things

men at a desk

i decided to use my old tablet, and ended up drawing difference faces on the same body of a man at a desk:

because of a-level results, a-level results parties, t-shirts, applying to university, alcohol, furniture moving, adventure time marathons and sloth i haven’t been very productive lately, illustration-wise. i’m sorry

on the plus side, me and my brother have just made a chili and it is very tastey


lots of people have asked for this and now it’s happened: t-shirts!

the design looks like this:

buy one: they are awesome

click the picture or this sentence for more info / to get one

if these go well i’ll make more designs. another outcome of it going well is me being able to afford food! yaaaaay

black widow spiders

female black widow spiders are known to sometimes eat their mate "honey what are you doing" most of the males don't know this when they start dating

*edit* people have been asking about t-shirts: i’ve made a few prototypes, they’ll be up for sale after i organise a couple of my friends to model them for me, which should be in the next few days