what have you been doing, get your act together

zb has become a shell of what it was, i am not a good person at updating you. well, not any more, i was better at it before.

but just because the website hasn’t been updated doesn’t mean i haven’t been doing things. i’ve temporarily slowed, but i haven’t stopped.

the reason why zb wasn’t updated very much is because i have been working on other things that don’t belong here. i’ve been teaching myself piano (i am still not very good), been writing a lot, and generally been farting about. i have been watching a lot of television and i normally don’t do that. my brain has accidentally turned to mush recently and i am trying my hardest to get it back to normal but it is not easy.

here are the things i didn’t put up here in the last month and a half:








there are several other things i should also put up but they can’t be scanned (too big/too outside) but i don’t have any high quality photos of them yet.

a comic

a guy gets stabbed. this comic is about london.


here’s some stuff from my sketchbook that i haven’t put on the site yet, all of it is stupid:

(click them to make them bigger)






bonus bonus: here’s something stupid i made

hey look


there is a huge pile of pictures/paintings i need to scan sitting next to me, but i’m feeling lazy. i’ll post them when i am not feeling lazy.

yesterday i didn’t sleep and at about 5:15am i started roughly sketching life models. i don’t know why, i was feeling a bit delirious. i normally don’t do it very often because i find drawing things straight from real life is boring. but it’s good for practice. in the afternoon i found this one and i quite like it:

i won’t post the others because they’re just still along the lines of naked-faceless-ladies-doing-stupid-poses.


also if you haven’t watched it yet you should watch little boat by nelson boles, it is beautiful


i’m making a game with my friend jack, and so i made this sort of logo for us to go at the opening. i’m doing the art and front-end programming, and jack’s doing the back end and online programming.

i’m on the left, jack is on the right. we’re both wearing dressing gowns because we both wear dressing gowns a lot

a tree

yeah it's a tree and shit

i said pick it up

a man and a dog and a dog shit. the dog says to the man "pick that up" in a kind of abrasive manner. personally i wouldn't take any sass like that from a dog but i guess i'm more of a cat person

i hope you are enjoying your january, i know it’s hard but you can do it i believe in you

new years: yay

i got out my oil paints the other day, and painted this:

click that picture or this sentence to see a zoomed in version.

anyway, in other news, 2011: it about to end, so everyone quick get drunk and make bad decisions

i have been doing stuff, i promise

it’s just that i keep forgetting to put things on here. here is a crocodile:

i have more to put up but i’d prefer to stagger it rather than dump it in one big go, and also because it’s half past 4 in the morning and my new scanner scares me.

(i have been working on things: some are secret, some are crap, and some are both)

merry christmas

monsters, feet, rockets and bread (in that order)

went down to london over the weekend to get my stuff so now i actually have proper art supplies! it is now far easier to slack off from doing work to draw stupid pictures: this is a good thing






i don’t know why but drawing in blue oil pastel is so satisfying.