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those are facts, sir


so i did more wheatpasting.

can we? can we?

it's a boy with a squid or maybe an octopus - i think it's technically a squid because i put a fin on the top of his head - and he's asking his dad if he can keep it because it followed it home. does anyone read these alternate texts? i don't even know how to read them after i write them.


a few seconds ago i got a twitter account. i don’t know why i did that.¬†it is here. i don’t know how it works. it looks scary.

i’m now on a very long holiday, and free from working. ¬†life is good



oh hell no


i’m doing an experiment at the moment, i’ve added a “buy this original” button at the top of some of the posts (like this one). there’s also a question mark button next to it for details about what’s going on.


i found a webcomic the other day called the gutterpunch confessional which i think is pretty good, you should look at it

so you think you a big man huh

it's a man telling his boy off


i hope the wording reads as i want it to.


because i have been neglecting zb because of exams (sorry), here are some other things i have done:

the secrets of youth

here is a quick comic i made:


june is going to be a very boring month for me.

a comic about a man who burns things

i’ve been drawing like a child a lot lately, it’s nice. here’s a comic:

a series of short stories

i’ve been busy a lot lately. here are some sketches i’ve done when i’ve had the chance to:

hey look behind you, there's a distraction! also the picture says 'don't screw up now'

stay goofy


"terry stabs a cube". it is a heart wrenching story of love, loss, and stabbing cubes

a giraffe, nothing more, nothing less.

king of the wool

king of the wool tile. it's a sheep and it's a tile and it's on a wall


i’ve got a bunch of very important exams coming up over the next few weeks, so i have to cut down on fun stuff like painting, which sucks. i’ll update whenever i can.


ben warheit, who i have the utmost respect for, is starting to sell t-shirts, and you should buy one because he deserves your money.


also: i enjoyed this music video by danger beach / oneedo

godzilla and chicken butts

renditions of films i have never seen, episode one: godzilla

in other news, i got a new chicken today. here is a picture of her butt, and my older chicken marmaduke’s butt is in the background:

she is temporarily called ‘chilli’ until we think of a name that isn’t so sucky.

assorted pictures

here are some things that i’ve made but aren’t on the internet yet. they aren’t very good.

cern was really interesting. there was lots of physicists and they were pretty cool.