it's a big old gun i think the proper word is revolver because the chamber revolves (yes i that makes sense i'll go with that) and its got a 'splosion coming out the end and its got the word 'bang.' on it. anyway why are you reading the alternate text? anyway i hope you're having a wonderful day

bonus picture:

a tv with some zaps coming out i guess. just look at the photo. i dont know why i write these no one will read them. poo bum fart.


7 comments about “bang.”

  • Elle says:

    I always read the alternate text. Always.

    Today was wonderful, thank you. Keep drawing wonderful things.

  • char says:

    Did you use crayon or colored pencil for the T.V. one?

  • john says:

    i used oil pastels, which are basically crayons

  • Dana says:

    i made a stencil just like this the other day and now it is spray painted on the side of the science building on my campus. i think i like yours better though :)

  • john says:

    that’s awesome, have you got a photo of it? you’ve intrigued me

  • euterpe says:

    I really like the telly. I don’t know why.

  • Dana says:

    oh not yet, i’m on spring break but when i get back i’ll send you one :) …if it hasn’t been painted over. i’m thinking of wheat pasting it there if it has been covered haha

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