hipsters, a face, a boring paragraph and a torosaurus, in that order

hey look, a comic about hipsters, definitely nobody’s done that before.

to equal it out, here’s a face i painted:


also: I’ve been trying to get prints / posters sorted out, and actually creating them is easy, but shipping is a total butt pain. Anyone who wants one here over in the uk it should be pretty easy to sort out (high five, guys :D ), but anywhere abroad and then it gets really expensive and confusing. I’m thinking about possibly getting a few printed in america and directly sent from there to you americans out there, but I don’t like that idea because then I won’t actually see them and I won’t be able to check whether they’re awesome enough for you guys, but the alternative is to pay bajillions on postage. So I’ll have to think it through.

also also: a nice lady called andrea sent me a picture of a torosaurus she masterfully created in powerpoint and it made me smile, and if you click here you will see it too.


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