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i freaking love trees

the future of man

an interview and a flame

The very nice mabelma asked me for a interview a while back, and now it’s all been sorted! You can read it in it’s entire awesomeness here.

Also, here is a picture:


A few people now have asked about if posters/prints are possible, and that’d be pretty damn awesome but I’m not sure if it’d actually work out to be worth it or if anyone would buy them. I’d (probably) be selling A1 prints for about £8 ish, which is a preeeetty fine deal if I do say so myself. Any thoughts? go go go

I’ll leave you with a doodle inspired by a conversation with my brother:


a list

excuse me, jason goldton?<br> yeah, that's me.<br> i'm here to deliver the list of all the people who will ever love you. so, uh, here. <br> .. <br> two of those people are dead. and i don't know who 'steve cartwright' is. <br> he was the boy in your english class who hung himself. <br><br> oh. <br> i've actually got a bunch of these to deliver, so uh... bye i guess.

i hate snakes

i hate snakes

but instead

i could talk to you all day about how life is crap or some other boring rubbish but instead i drew a dinosaur


To all you people who care about tumblr: It’s identical to here (sort of).


I made some stickers :D (I apologize about the penis)

points for anyone who finds the don hertzfeldt reference.