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a list

excuse me, jason goldton?<br> yeah, that's me.<br> i'm here to deliver the list of all the people who will ever love you. so, uh, here. <br> .. <br> two of those people are dead. and i don't know who 'steve cartwright' is. <br> he was the boy in your english class who hung himself. <br><br> oh. <br> i've actually got a bunch of these to deliver, so uh... bye i guess.

wait, so you guys don’t believe in me?

wait so you guys don't believe in me? nessy

if you have tumblr hit me up :D

a monster drowning in a ball pond

but instead

i could talk to you all day about how life is crap or some other boring rubbish but instead i drew a dinosaur


To all you people who care about tumblr: ¬† It’s identical to here (sort of).

woooooah you need to check this out

hey stop all this genetalia

I think I enjoyed making this one slightly too much.

monsters: now in striped

he goes well with the curtains.

ninja story

Here’s a two part story about a ninja.

and here’s the second part I did a couple of weeks later:


This was done with water colours but looks suspiciously like felt tips. Intriguing.