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that doesn’t look anything like me


in begging news, i’ve just added a ‘donate’ button on the side bar. this is only temporary, and i promise all of the money donated will go towards art supplies and setting up a shop, and only a very very small portion will be spent recklessly.

dinosaurs can be stereotypes too

the birds and the bees

this one went through a few incarnations. i made the first couple of ideas, then realised that i was being a fool, and that “the bears and the bees” isn’t the expression (but check out that sneaky sneaky ‘honey’ reference :D ). in the next version their eyes made them look like they were going to murder and pillage the entire population of a small nation.

so i changed tact and went for this version, which i like the most.

what the fuck is this shit

i enjoyed making this one slightly too much.

the future of man

the ugliest unicorn

also, here’s a bonus picture.

step ladder



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the bananaicorn

a squid in a hat

Sorry for being slow recently, the world keeps exploding. Here’s a bonus picture:

no, I am an octopus

I have a theory about people: if you draw an octopus, the first thing anyone will do is to count the legs for accuracy.