it’s been a while, and i apologise. every time i want to do upload something i end up realising that something frustratingly important is there stopping me. either that or laziness, who can tell.

i seem to start quite a few of these blog posts with apologies, and i’m sorry for that

that bald man comic was originally part of a small challenge i set myself to make a loads of little comics in a short period of time, like kc green (gunshow guy) and anthony clark (nedroid guy) and christopher rieneman (feel afraid guy) and probably a bunch of other cartoonists have done. i made about 50, but like an idiot i drew them too small with a pencil too light, so after scanning them it’s really hard to read them. i’m planning to redraw them and they’ll be up when i get round to it

also i’ve been thinking about setting up a tumblr / changing zappablamma.tumblr to be just a collection of my warmup sketches and doodles, unfinished and nasty. this way it’s easy for me to update, and it’s easier for you guys to see terrible things like these:

so do you wanna see more unfinished sketches like those? i don’t know, let me know

also another cool thing: 3 years ago i made this cartoon of a monster talking to his wife, and a couple of months ago a guy from a band called HEY YOU GUYS! asked me to touch it up a bit for them to use for their album artwork! so that happened, and it was nice


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