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Doodle dump 1

Here’s some stuff that never turned into a proper drawing but I still like anyway :D

Ninja Fetus

ninja fetus

donuts om nom nom

This was the basis for an advert I made for a friend selling donuts :D


please don’t steal my identity, that wouldn’t be too friendly.

monster shooting monster

stamp dinosaur

i made him using just a stamp and some ink over and over. it was quite fun making it :D

drowning in translation

a personal favourite
i literally have severally hundred pieces of paper covered in chinese. they’re fun to mess with

colour filters

today i was messing with plastic colour filters. red paint under a red filter disappears, blue paint under a blue filter disappears.

the bottom picture is what i actually drew, while the top two are what it looks like through the filters. i did it with a quill (which is so awesome to use) and water colour paints.

vomit news

i’m sorry, i couldn’t think of a good title for this, so i went with ‘vomit news’ which sounds a bit ugly. ah well.

cutting out the newspaper was quite fiddly, in reality those bits were tiny.


hurrrr duhhhh

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unicorn confusion

horse with party hat; unicorn. an easy mistake to make.

(inspired by a conversation with my brother)


other comics


(i shouldn’t have put the word ‘their’. oh well)